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  • We translate from English into French

         ... but work in several other languages as well.

  • We translate 100 000 words per week

         ...but could spend 5 minutes translating 1 word.

  • We translate motor vehicle material

         ...but handle all types of technical texts (see References).


Project managers from leading agencies find just what they need at reliability, quality, respect for deadlines, value and service.
How can we serve your needs?
By taking on your translation jobs,
by accepting your most complex or urgent assignments,
by making your life as a project manager much easier.

Top quality, every time.

You won't lose clients you worked so hard to get. Your client's superiors must count on quality and avoid any risk of error. We understand where the end-client comes from; we're specialized in motor vehicles and know the engineering industry.

Your instructions followed, to the very last detail.

If you have an internal glossary, we'll use your preferred terms. If you follow a certain style guide, we'll make sure we're consistent. Technical translations call for precision and accuracy. Our writing is clear, direct and concise. We use integrated dictionaries and we proofread attentively. All quality control tools are used. Each one of our translators is experienced, is taken on by referral, and is fully responsible for his contributions--even though we help each other out. If we're paid for additional proofreading, we'll obviously deliver work even closer to perfection.

Respect for deadlines, not a minute late.

Meeting deadlines is a religion.

Large volume rates, even for a single page.

Our 'market' prices are compatible with your need to make a profit : 0.08 to 0,09€ per new word. We use Trados (and accept 50% for fuzzy matches while repeated terms are free). Agencies often send us high volume work for an excellent rate--we offer this same rate even for short texts.

Trados and SDLX, and other CAT tools.

We systematically use the latest versions which clients request. We also use Transit and other 'house' software from agencies themselves. Our in-house software specialist lends a hand to translators with file conversion, layout, etc.

Rapid service, to make your job easier.

We immediately reply to your emails, especially if the deadline is urgent. Despite the time zone differences, despite the fact you work late at the office, you'll hear back from us even after our office hours. We'll email you from home. We'll provide solutions for your everyday problems: finding translators for short texts, terminology questions, etc.
We work from American English, British English, English from any country. We adapt our French to fit your target francophone audience. For language pairs outside of English and French, we'll call upon our trusted colleagues. Translators in our network are always ready to help out.
What does our team provide that a freelance translator cannot?


Individual translators are incapable of translating 100 000 words per week for the motor vehicle industry.


We accept practically all job offers. Avoid waiting for a reply before moving on to the next translator.


We do our best to answer each other's questions internally before asking you for assistance.

Ability to lighten your workload.

We replace each other when a team member becomes unavailable. We send monthly bills which total all transactions. In short, you'll be freed from a number of tasks and responsibilities; you have constant emails and phone calls to attend to along with a hundred other duties.
This added value is at no extra cost. Our company,, is based in the Seychelles Islands, a business-friendly location. Taxes and expenses are reduced. Our translators earn almost all of what we invoice. Your agency won't pay us more than what you pay freelancers, despite the superior quality of our service.

Leading agencies from all over the world trust us with thousands of words each day. We've served General Motors, Ford, General Electric, Electrolux, just to name a few. (See References). Project managers like you come to us for competent and reliable service. We know what's at stake, we know of your daily challenges, we'll make your life easier., inc
Trinity House 1st FloorP.O. Box 1402, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles
Bank account : UBS Switzerland
IBAN CH430024724774170260G

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